About Buzzart

The art of choosing art.

BuzzArt is an art consultancy based in London.  It sources, delivers and installs art for private clients, offices, hotels, show homes and commercial properties.  Art can be rented or purchased. 

BuzzArt buys art for and rents art to clients. Renting allows clients to have an exclusive collection of art installed at their premises for an affordable price, eliminating the huge upfront cost of purchasing the art themselves. Art rental can be done on a rotational basis giving freedom for the client to change the pieces as they or their company evolves.

BuzzArt has access to a huge range of different styles and genres of art. We work directly with established and emerging contemporary artists, galleries and private collections.  The art is sourced to the requirement and budget of the client enabling us to create bespoke and inspiring environments to live and work in.

BuzzArt was founded by Emma Buzzard, BA (Hons) History of Art, UCL. Emma wanted to create a unique art consultancy providing great art at affordable prices for her clients. Her aim, through BuzzArt, is to enhance the every day lives of people through the powerful medium of art by allowing impressive pieces to be accessible to everyone.